Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Favorite Place on the Internet

I thought I would share with you my favorite place to go on my computer. It is called "Got Vintage Shops" (GVS) on Facebook, and it is filled with vintage lovelies.

This is the most wonderful group of vintage lovers that one could ever want to meet. But then, us vintage lovers are a special breed aren't we!!

If you are a buyer, there are Got Vintage Sale Pages where you can look through whatever category you wish. No more searching through lots of items you are not interested in, just go to the Sale Page you are looking for and there is what you want. You want jewelry, go to jewelry and there sure are some beautiful things. If you want Kitchen Collectables we have it. Toys, ephemera, collectables, clothes and so much more.

Sellers, I cannot tell you how awesome the members are at Got Vintage Shops. Join a support group, and they are right there to help you identify, date, chat, and just plain support you. Then, you can mosey over to the Sale Pages and put a link to the venue where your item is for sale. Got Vintage Shops boosts their sales increase and that information is coming from Google. If you post an item, the staff there sends it out into cyber land via twitter and Pinterest for that extra promotion we all need. Did I mention, this is all free. Yes free.

Be sure to tell them I sent you :)

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